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Service on Arrival5,0
Tour Guide5,0
Ground Transfer4,0
Tour Itinerary5,0
Service on Arrival5
Ground Transfer4
Tour Itinerary5
Shane & Jeanette Visser

I have enjoyed my trip tremendously because I have a bunch of fun loving friends with me. The tour guide, Mr. Cuong, is also a friendly and helpful tour guide who is very accommodating to all our needs and made a difference in service level.  

Many people tell me that I have nothing much to buy in Vietnam.  I actually do not bring a lot of money in Vietnam for me to buy back all the lovely stuffs that I wanted.  What a waste. Vietnam has all the beautiful exquisite handicrafts that are cheap!  Goes without saying the lovely bags and shoes, they were so cheap that I bought a lot.  Not enough to give to my friends.  Anyway I have not enough space to stuff in that big luggage bag of mine.  Almost explode.
The hotels rooms were large and nice for both hotels.  But I regretted paying higher price for a better room because I realised my friends were so active that we came back very late in the evening, after 10pm, to shower, watch TV till we sleep. I also enjoyed Vietnamese food a lot.  They were tasty and to my likings.  I have never tried out a lot of special dish before. Really miss them now.
As it was a very memorable trip for me in Ho Chi Minh City, I hope to go Hanoi the next time I travel to Vietnam in a couple of years.  Keep in contact and hope to see you in Hanoi. Thanks for everything as you have been helpful too.